The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee

* Picture from Amazon*

Format read: Paperback

Genre: Non-fiction

Rating: 7 out of 10

Plot: Dr. Mukherjee is a beginning oncology resident when he decides to delve into the history of cancer itself. He explores the written history and then goes into the modern age where attempts are made to both treat and understand cancer. The book ends where we all know it will end: although we’ve made a lot of improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, not everyone survives.

Opinion: The book begins how I was expecting, which is to tell the story of how medical practitioners viewed cancer throughout history. My problem with this book begins with the point in which scientists and doctors begin to look for ways to treat and understand cancer in a modern medical setting. My problem is that suddenly he starts using very complicated and technical language. I was a Biology major so I was able to follow a lot of it, but not easily. It’s almost like up until that point the book was written for a layman, but after that point it was written for his colleagues. If this book had been presented as a textbook, it would’ve been a great one, but it was not. I would recommend this book for someone interested in learning more about the history of cancer and its treatment, but I would recommend it with caution due to the technical language that takes over.

Next book: Life of the Prophet in Makkah by Zakaria Bashier


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