November Wrap-Up

I didn’t read very much this month, mainly because I was so busy with work.  For the month of November, I only read two books.  I wasn’t really impressed with either book.  I rated Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 4 out of 10 stars and Burn for Burn by Jenny Hann and Siobhan Vivian 5 out of 10 stars.  I just didn’t feel that either book was that creative or unique.  In the case of Gone Girl, it was a suspense book, but I figured out the plot early on taking away any of the suspense elements of the book.  In the case of Burn for Burn, I didn’t figure out the whole plot right away, but I thought the characters were stereotypical and cliche.

I probably won’t get much reading done the month of December either because of work.  I do have a two week break, so maybe I can get a little more reading done than in November, but I’m not sure how much work I’ll have to bring home to work on over the break.  I plan on doing a year recap and my goals for the following years towards the end of the month, so there should be a few more posts than in November!


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