The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory

* Picture from Amazon*

Format read: Paperback

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 5 out of 10

Plot: This is the second book in the Cousins’ War series, which is not a sequel to the first book, but rather a book from the perspective of another player in the Cousins’ War: Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII.  Margaret grows up in an era where daughters were considered pawns to be married off for the benefit of the family.  She is related to Henry VI through the Lancaster line and watches as Henry VI is overthrown by the York line of the family.  After Henry VI is overthrown, she spends her life plotting and planning to get her own son on the thrown, believing that it is God’s will and that her son is the rightful heir to the thrown.

Opinion:  Although I liked the writing, I hated the main character.  Margaret was one of the most self-righteous, arrogant, jealous, cold-blooded, manipulative women I’ve ever read about.  Any sympathy I had for her in the beginning, when she was forced to marry against her will and then forced to leave her son when her husband died, was gone about a third of the way through the book.  Although I knew from history what the end result would be, I kept hoping that someone would send her to the tower.  It was kind of hard to keep reading this book because I found the main character to be so repugnant.  This definitely is the worst book I’ve read by Phillipa Gregory.

Next book: The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King


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