All the Flowers in Shanghai by Duncan Jepson

* Picture from Amazon*

Format read: Paperback

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 3.5 out of 10

Plot: Feng was the youngest of two daughters born into a Shanghai family. When her older sister dies, Feng is forced to marry her sister’s fiance.  Feng is angry about being forced into this marriage, and her anger forces her into making decisions which would end up destroying those around her.

Opinion: The only reason I gave this book as high a rating as I did is because it was just engaging enough that I continued reading, but just barely.  The main character is not likable at all; her anger and hatred was so toxic it destroyed everything around her.  In addition, there was much made about her ignorance concerning sexual relations, but the character was supposedly an educated woman in 1930s Shanghai, and it’s very hard to believe that in such a westernized city that someone who actually was allowed to get education could be so ignorant.  Also, the pacing of this book was terrible; the author dedicated multiple chapters to the main character’s wedding, but then rushed through years in a matter of sentences.  I also felt that there was no real resolution to this story; the book just petered out to a rambling ending.

*Note: Ramadan is getting ready to start, so I will be focusing this month on reading Islamic books.  I still plan on writing reviews Insha Allah (God willing), but the books reviewed will be Islamic.

Next book: The Prophet’s Ramadhaan: How the Prophet observed the Month of Ramadhaan by Mufti Muhammad Khan Qaadri


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