Harry Potter and History by Nancy Reagin

Harry Potter and History - Nancy Reagin

* Picture from booktopia.com*

Format read: Paperback

Genre: History

Rating: 5 out of 10

Plot: Through a series of essays, this book covers the real history of things related to the Harry Potter series, covering everything from the treatment of witches through the ages, class issues, and even werewolves.

Opinion: I am conflicted on this book.  I thought the concept was a good idea, the idea of taking history and making it accessible to someone who might not normally read about history is always a good thing.  However, despite using Harry Potter as a gateway to history, this book was written in the manner that scholars would use when writing for each other.  While I did find parts of this book interesting, there were many places that were boring, and I can’t imagine a person who is not a fan of history sticking this book out.

Next book: Mousetrapped by Catherine Ryan Howard


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