The Girl in the Garden by Kamala Nair

* Picture from Amazon*

Format read: Hardback

Genre: South Asian

Rating: 9 out of 10

Plot: One summer, Rakhee’s mother suddenly took her to India to meet a family that for the most part, she’s never heard of before.  Rakhee quickly realizes that the various members are hiding dark secrets from her and from the world.  As the summer goes on, Rakhee begins to unravel the web the family has built around themselves, and she comes to understand why her mom fled India all those years previously.

Opinion: I really enjoyed this book.  I was invested the story and kept reading because I was so curious to find out what was really going on.  I think this is a good book if you want something that keeps you guessing, but it deals with some real heavy topics, so it’s definitely not a beach read.

Next book: Harry Potter and History by Nancy Reagin


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