I’ve been blogging about books for over a year now, but I’ve had a lot of problems with the site I was using, so I’ve decided to try this site.  (If you want to view my old blog, it’s: ).  I mainly review books that I’ve read, but I also will occasionally post things such as my TBR goals for the year, book related sites that I’ve found, and recently my participation in a read-a-thon.  Here’s some book “facts” about me:

  1. I mainly read Islamic, historical fiction, memoirs, and fantasy books.  I will read other things that catch my fancy, but those are the genres that I read the most.
  2. I mainly read adult books.  I will occasionally read a YA book, but even when I was of the age those books are geared towards, I read adult books.
  3. I love to read, but hate having assigned reading.  There’s something about being told that I have to read a certain book by a certain time that I don’t like, even if it is a book that I would have picked up on my own.  I don’t do well with book clubs or read-a-longs for that same reason.
  4. I do take suggestions for books, but I look at them as just that: suggestions.  Sometimes I will be told about a book and when I look it up, it looks like something I would like, so I get it.  If not, I don’t.  Even if I do buy a suggested book, I make no promises as to when I’ll read it because I make reading choices based on my mood at that moment.
  5. I’m Muslim and during the month of Ramadan, I focus solely on Islamic books.  It’s not a rule, but Ramadan is a time when we’re supposed to focus on growing in our knowledge about Islam, and I choose not to be distracted by non-Islamic books/movies/etc. at this time.
  6. My favorite book (aside from the Quran) is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  I’ve loved that book since I read it the first time as a high school Freshman.  My favorite series is the Harry Potter series, which is ironic because it took my friends a while to convince me to read them since they’re children’s books….I didn’t actually pick up one until the fourth book came out, but as soon as I read the first one, I immediately went out and brought all the rest that were out at the time.

Well, that’s pretty much it about me.  I’m going to try to post the entry that I attempted to post on my old blog site after I finish this one.


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  1. Jeyna Grace
    May 23, 2014 @ 04:11:46

    Welcome to wordpress! I doubt you would face problems here. Haha! I sound like a wordpress advocate.


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